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Technology Kicks Ass!

Welcome to Raven Technology Solution’s New Blog. We are excited to launch this blog and become an online contributor to the vast amount of information in this industry.

First, a little about Raven Technology Solutions. RTS is a collaborative effort between White Raven PCs and DS Graphic Design & Imaging. By joining both services our goal is to offer a more complete service not only to the individual computer user but small businesses alike.

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Raven Technology Solutions is a full service PC Repair company that offers a wide variety of technology based services to meet the needs of individuals, families, home offices, and small businesses. We provide professional fully trained, certified technicians to diagnose, maintain, and repair our client’s equipment.

Here at Raven Technology Solutions, our goal is to make you feel like you have your own private technician.

OUR BLOG | raventechpro.wordpress.com

The reasoning behind starting and maintaining a blog is to reach out to our customers and provide a service of information to help them keep up with the fast pace of today’s technology. Along with insights on new emerging technologies and software packages, we will provide safety alerts for new viruses and scams which will assist in helping you navigate away from threats and keep your data and private information safe. We will have some funny stuff to share and answer some of your questions as we move along.

We look forward to sharing your day!

Josh McWilliams – Technology Director
Doug Simpson – Creative Director